DevInception – Personal Blog Template For Web Developers (Next Js)

Sashe Vuchkov
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If you're a web developer who's searching the web for a stylish blog template, then there's a big chance that you've finally found it and can start building your own blog.

I created this template specifically for you

I know how hard it is to build a website that looks and feels good. It's not hard because of the coding - we're good at that part (I believe). It's because of the design.

We're just not graphic/web designers…

We need that part solved for us before we start writing code.

That's why I made this template. It's a flying start for you that helps you to focus on the important stuff - the coding, the deploying, and the blogging.

You can customize it however you want, but I think it has all the parts for one new blog, and the rest you will have to implement as you grow bigger and bigger as a blogger.

Let me be straight with you…

The template is not "unheard beauty". That was not my goal when I was creating it. It's a well-structured "marketing machine."

All the different parts - the site structure, the texts, the images… You can use them as examples of how yours must look and feel, so they appeal to your readers.

Your blog is not only code and articles! It's an exciting journey that will lead you to explore many different and funny things. It will evolve you into a t-shaped developer with rich experience and many wanted skills.

So I congratulate you on your decision to do it!

I want this!
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